Wednesday, 19 June 2019 | 09:39 WIB

Tourism Industry Association Aims 20 Million Tourists via New Geopolitics of Indonesian Tourism

Foreign tourists

JAKARTA, NNC - The Indonesian Tourism Industry Association (GIPI) provides information on the position of Indonesian tourism as well as the role of GIPI in achieving the target of international tourist visit for 2019.

In line with the government's plan to develop the tourism sector as the main sector of the economy and increase its position to become the country's largest foreign exchange earner, GIPI, a non-profit independent organization, performs its function as a partner of the central and regional government, as well as providing communication and consultation for its members in conducting tourism development.

The establishment of GIPI was carried out in accordance with the mandate of Article 50 of Law No. 10 of 2009 concerning Tourism.

Strategic Activities for Tourism Marketing Development from the Ministry of Tourism for 2018-2019 are such as branding programs that include the development of the brand 'Enchantment of Indonesia' and 'Wonderful Indonesia' at home and abroad through digital and multimedia media, increased branding efforts in major tourism destinations, and regional event promotion; advertising programs through media promotion, tourism promotion and publication of '100 Calendar of Events'; and selling programs through participation in tourism exhibitions, integrated promotional cooperation with the tourism transportation sector and wholesalers, as well as participation in various tourism festivals.

In a presentation on "The Current Position of Indonesian Tourism and the Role of GIPI to Reach the Target of 20 Million Foreign Tourist Visits in 2019 through the New Geopolitics of Indonesian Tourism", Didien Junaedy, Chairperson of GIPI said that in 2017 the number of foreign tourist visits to Indonesia reached 14.04 million . In comparison, in the same year, Thailand recorded 35.38 million visits, Japan 28 million and Malaysia 25.95 million. In an effort to increase its role to reach the target of 20 million foreign tourists in 2019, for the 2018-2019 period GIPI has scheduled the monthly 'GIPI Talk' program, inbound training program, the establishment of consortia in various regions, and the development of cooperation with various airlines.

In order to improve coordination among tourism industry players and in an effort to achieve the target number of tourist visits, GIPI will hold a National Coordination Meeting in the first week of December 2018.