Wednesday, 19 June 2019 | 10:09 WIB

Jet Commerce Participates in 2018 Tech in Asia

Jet Commerce Participates in 2018 Tech in Asia (jets)

JAKARATA, NNC - Jet Commerce, the most advanced provider of commerce solutions in Southeast Asia today, has introduces end-to-end solutions for e-commerce services in the Tech in Asia Jakarta 2018 event.

This event is also a space for Jet Commerce to meet, interact, and establish relationships with technology and startup industry players.

Starting his work in the e-commerce industry as's authorized channel partner in Indonesia, the company is now successfully expanding its business by presenting the All in Solution for users to develop their e-commerce business in the B2C segment.

"At Jet Commerce, we continue to innovate services in providing various solutions that can support the growth of commerce and commerce," said Oliver Yang, Chief Executive Officer of Jet Commerce.

Oliver added that the presence of this solution is a manifestation of our commitment to helping brands expand their reach in meeting consumer needs. We have a team that is observant, skilled and dedicated to answering the complexity of e-commerce business operations."

The rapid growth of e-commerce transactions and growing digital marketing channels make brand owners more aggressively shift their product marketing from offline outlets to digital channels. McKinsey's latest research states that Indonesia's e-commerce market value is able to reach US $ 65 billion in 2022. That figure is equivalent to eight times the growth of e-commerce transactions in the country which reaches US $ 8 billion throughout 2017.

B2C e-commerce businesses or brands need a fully integrated e-commerce solution to make it easier for them to increase business growth significantly.

"In optimizing the performance and online brand marketing strategy, All in Solution Jet Commerce includes the establishment of official stores in various digital marketing channels, Online Strategy, Digital Marketing, Search Optimization, Customer Service which includes pre-purchase services and after-sales services, and Fulfillment, "said Oliver Yang in a press release on Tuesday (10/23).

Furthermore, Jet Commerce also has a Jet Service service that can help brands strengthen the image of a product or company that is tailored to the needs of each brand. These services include product photography, branding, video production, and promotional printed media.