Wednesday, 17 July 2019 | 17:49 WIB

Pegadaian Corporate University Launched to Create Integrity and Competent HR in Financial Industry

Pegadaian (Persero) launching Pegadaian Corporate University

JAKARTA, NNC - PT Pegadaian (Persero) established Pegadaian Corporate University to create integrity and competent human resources (HR) and talent in the financial industry along with the transformation process in an effort to achieve short-term and long-term corporate goals.

President Director of PT Pegadaian (Persero) Sunarso said that the education unit was a form of increasing the company's commitment to improve HR competencies through quality education programs and aligned with business development needs in order to support the company's strategic goals.

"Praise and gratitude be to Allah SWT, because thanks to all His mercy and blessings, we can realize the transformation of the education and training management system (Pusdiklat) into the mechanism of a Corporate University. Pegadaian Corporate University is one of the breakthroughs of both products and services supported by the latest technology, as well as the development of hard & soft skills for employees," explained Sunarso when inaugurating Pegadaian Corporate University, Thursday (10/18/2019), in Jakarta.

He added that to create quality human resources it needs tools that support the achievement of the program. Therefore, Pegadaian CorpU has established six academy programs consisting of: pawning business, micro, sharia, digital, operational & sales, and supporting academies. In addition there are several non-academic training programs such as induction training, study assignments, and the Individual Development Plan (IDP).

Pegadaian CorpU will carry out three relationship patterns which include: Business to Business (B2B), Business to Education (B2E), and Business to Society (B2S) relationships. These three relationship patterns are based on mutual benefits and are one of Pegadaian Corporate University's branding strategies.

"So do not imagine that means Pegadaian establishes a university in general. Not that. Corporate University can be called a corporate entity that carries out education and employee development activities as well as creating knowledge for employees as a strategic tool for the company to create learning organizations that can contribute significantly to company," he explained.

During this time Pegadaian already had a Pusdiklat model, but it was only limited to increasing the competence and skills of employees so that it was felt to be very minimal to answer the needs of achieving corporate goals.

"Pegadaian CorpU as a learning institution provides tactical and strategic training programs to achieve short-term corporate performance, and supports and prepares the sustainability of corporate performance in the future," he explained.

Sunarso added that the declaration of the CorpU management concept at Pegadaian had begun since August 2015 with various preparatory and transition processes. "Today we are ready to fully implement and the momentum is right when we are in the process of transformation."

Going forward, Sunarso revealed that Pegadaian's transformation process will make a lot of breakthroughs in both products and services supported by the latest technology, as well as employee hard & soft skills development.