Tuesday, 18 June 2019 | 14:41 WIB

Prime Academy Indonesia Educates Public so as to Not Get Scammed by Bogus Investments

Team Prime Academy Indonesia wanted to educated people to be investment literate

JAKARTA, NNC - Campaign activities are deemed necessary to continue to be carried out intensively to introduce the world of investment to the public. Not just a campaign about investment forms or products but also how people understand the risks of the investment itself. The most important thing is educating the public so that they don't get caught up in fake investment activities.

Based on this, Prime Academy Indonesia is committed to continuing to educate the public, especially the lower middle class to be "investment literate".

In fact, this independent educational institution will teach how to invest, recognize the form of investment risk in the capital market, money market and others free of charge.

"We are present after the Let's Invest in Shares program held by the Indonesia Stock Exchange. We want the program to run well. So we intend to be more aggressive in educating the people in remote villages," said Prime Academy Indonesia Head of Operations Wayne Ramschie to journalist last weekend.

His side is optimistic that there will be 100,000 people or prospective homeland investors who have been educated with the company's efforts to encourage a campaign on investment in Indonesia. Hopefully, this amount can be realized in the next three years.

"We are targeting 100,000 people that we will educate in three years," he said.

In addition to big cities, Prime Academy Indonesia will target small towns and even villages in order to educate the public or prospective investors. It will teach various types of investment assets, ranging from futures or forex brokers, stocks, to indexes.

He also added Prime Academy Indonesia has conducted a soft campaign, both through social media and visit many areas so that people want to follow this learning for free.

"We gather materials that we can provide to the community in a simple way so that things that are deemed difficult can be easily processed by the community. That is so that many people are not trapped in a bogus investment," he explained.

The main value of education provided by Prime Academy Indonesia is to recognize the forms of risk in investing. Wayne said it was the most fundamental learning so that people could invest well.