Tuesday, 18 June 2019 | 22:40 WIB

Govt Partners with Two National Marketplaces to Boost Indonesian Exports

Govt Partners with Two Local Marketplaces to Boost Indonesian Exports

JAKARTA, NNC – The Ministry of Trade cooperates with two representatives of the Indonesian marketplaces as an effort to spur non-oil and gas export growth through electronic commerce (e-commerce). The two marketplaces are Blibli.com and Ralali.com.

"E-commerce has enormous potential to increase exports. E-commerce can be utilized by national business actors to export more easily, quickly and efficiently. In addition, it also has a positive impact on various business lines related to logistics services, financing and communication; minimizing costs; and expanding the marketing area," said Director of Export Development Cooperation Marolop Nainggolan, in a press release on Monday (9/10/2018).

Bibli.com and Ralali.com were present at a seminar held by the Ministry of Trade's Directorate General of National Export Development on September 5, 2018, in Bandung, West Java. The seminar with the theme "Utilization of E-Commerce in Increasing National Exports" was attended by 50 Indonesian export entrepreneurs.

During the seminar, representatives from Blibli.com conveyed various ease and benefits of transacting using marketing pages while representatives from Ralali.com gave a presentation on how to sell through electronic commerce and short training in photo taking. Quality of product photos is very important to attract buyers in buying products offered when shopping online.

Along with the increasing number of internet users in Indonesia, the value of transactions through the use of digital marketing has also increased. According to the survey results of the Indonesian Internet Service Providers Association (APJII), internet users in Indonesia in 2017 reached 143.26 million people, up 7.95 percent compared to 2016 which was 132.7 million people. The number of internet users in 2017 represented 54.68 percent of Indonesia's total population of 260 million.

In 2014 the e-commerce transaction value stood at IDR34 trillion, which increased in 2016 to IDR260 trillion. By 2020, the value of e-commerce transactions is expected to surge to IDR1,690 trillion.