Wednesday, 19 June 2019 | 09:45 WIB

Village Ministry: Fishermen Could Utilize Digital Economy for a Better Sumbawa

DG of Disadvantaged Areas Development Samsul Widodo, Saturday (9/8) gave a public lecture at the Universitas Samawa of Sumbawa, NTB.

SUMBAWA, NNC -- Director General of Disadvantaged Areas Development of Ministry of Village Samsul Widodo, Saturday (9/8/2018) gave a public lecture at the Universitas Samawa with the theme "Accelerating Development of Disadvantaged Regions through Digital Economic Development". The public lecture was held at the auditorium of Universitas Samawa in Sumbawa Besar, Sumbawa Regency, West Nusa Tenggara (NTB) Province.

The public lecture was opened by the Rector of Universitas Samawa, Dr. Syafruddin, MM attended by vice rectors, deans, vice deans, chairmen of study programs, lecturers and students. In addition to the academic community, the public lecture was also attended by the Head of the Sumbawa Regency Agriculture Service.

In his speech, Syafruddin said that Universitas Samawa needed forward thinking and enthusiasm in the world of education. He said the public lecture from the Director General of Disadvantaged Village Development was expensive. "Sciences and knowledge are expensive, but this public lecture is obtained free from the director general of Diadvantaged Village Development," he said.

In his general lecture, Director General Samsul Widodo conveyed the utilization of digital economic potential for marketing superior products in disadvantaged areas so that farmers could sell their products directly to consumers without going through middlemen. "This digital economic potential is supported by a large level of internet users in Indonesia, based on the results of the 2017 survey as much as 54.68 percent of the Indonesian population are internet users," he explained.

Furthermore Samsul Widodo hopes Sumbawa can sell captured fish from Sumbawa as well as export them because Sumbawa has the potential of large marine fish. He saw this from the marine products found by the Directorate General's team in Sumbawa, there were 55kg of tuna fish.

The DG of Disadvantaged Village Development with PT. Aruna Jaya Nuswantara ( will display the fish at the Ministry of Village's booth at the Maritime Expo at Badas Port in the framework of Sail Moyo Tambora 2018.

Samsul Widodo also invited the audience to visit the expo, there visitors can observe and discuss with digital economic actors who have collaborated with the Directorate General of Disadvantaged Village Development so that they can get inspired to sell Sumbawa sea fish by way of online such as through

Besides PT. Aruna Jaya Nuswantara, the Ministry of Village through the Directorate General of Disadvantaged Village Development at the Sail Moyo Tambora Maritime Expo also presented the CEO of Eco Fashion Week, Merdi Sihombing, through the five-day training one can produce one piece of cloth, even the woven cloth is thin not thick which is very significant because usually in one month one can only produce one piece.

This can be implemented through technical training by Merdi Sihombing in addition to educating techniques and training on the use of natural dyes. "In addition to increasing productivity, it also contributes to protecting the environment," he said.

Samsul Widodo said that his presence in Sumbawa was in the context of the Sail Moyo Tambora 2018 event, he hoped this public lecture could build human resources in Sumbawa a better future. "We are a digital economy, Sumbawa has a large market like Lombok and Bali because of that Sumbawa certainly can," he concluded.