Wednesday, 22 May 2019 | 05:54 WIB

Industry Ministry Teams up with Blibli in Growing Startup Companies

Roadshow of The Big Start Indonesia Season 3 held in Bali.

JAKARTA, NNC - The Ministry of Industry and synergize to grow more startup companies in Indonesia. This effort is one of the steps to realize the target of creating 20,000 new industrial entrepreneurs by 2019.

"We are committed to continue developing small and medium-sized industries (SMIs) in the country. Well, startups have a very important role to market expansion," said Director General of SMIs at Ministry of Industry Gati Wibawaningsih in Jakarta, Friday (9/7/2018).

According to Gati, SMI has great potential in boosting national economic growth because SMI is the majority sector of the industrial population in Indonesia and 60 percent of the industrial workforce is in the SMI sector.

"Empowering SMIs is one of the national priority programs in the Making Indonesia 4.0 roadmap," she said.

By utilizing digital technology, it is believed that it can benefit business players' income up to 80 percent.

In the midst of a rapidly growing digital economic trend, SMIs are encouraged to actively market their products through online trading, said Gati. Therefore, the Ministry of Industry has prepared a digital platform through e-Smart SMI.

In addition to opening opportunities for new jobs to grow, it also makes SMI actors more innovative, she added. In fact, SMI actors can access the global market.

For this reason, the Ministry of Industry supports activities through a competition to seek for young creative entrepreneurs called The Big Start Indonesia (TBS). This TBS program has been launched since 2016, with the mission of instilling a spirit of innovation and creativity through the provision of knowledge, training, capital, networks, and resources needed by these young creative entrepreneurs.

This year, TBS Season 3 was able to embrace as many as 15,000 young creative entrepreneurs, which were later curated into 20 of Indonesia's best finalists. Participants who successfully qualify will continue to the quarantine stage, where they are provided with knowledge about e-commerce marketing, utilization of social media, financial management, tax payments, and facilitation of intellectual property rights protection.

Until finally four finalists will be chosen to advance to the grand final, said Gati. The implementation of TBS Season 3 will be more attractive with the Special Project on grand final nights and roadshows in five cities including Bandung, Yogyakarta, Bali, Surabaya and Jakarta.