Wednesday, 19 June 2019 | 07:45 WIB

BPS Records 0.05 Percent Deflation in August 2018

Indonesia Statistics Office

JAKARTA NNC - The Indonesia Statistics (BPS) released deflation figures in the August 2018 period of around 0.05 percent. That number affects inflation by 2.13 percent in the period January-August 2018.

Head of BPS, Suhariyanto explained that based on the price development of various commodities in August 2018, this generally indicated a decline.

"The deflation that was successfully recorded in August was due to the price of a number of commodities experiencing drastic decline such as the price of fresh fish and the cost of air transportation," Suhariyanto said in his office, Jakarta, Monday (9/2/2018).

From 82 cities monitored by BPS, there are 52 cities with deflation and 30 cities with inflation.The highest deflation was in Baubau, Southeast Sulawesi.

He added, the magnitude of deflation reflects the condition of increasingly controlled commodity prices.

"In August 2018, the 0.05 percent deflation occurred mainly due to the price of chicken eggs, onion, and air freight rates," he said.