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Pegadaian Provides Assistance of IDR600 Million to Ende Community

Pegadaian Provides Assistance of IDR600 Million to Ende Community

ENDE, NNC - In commemorating the 73rd Indonesian Independence Anniversary, PT Pegadaian (Persero) held a Cash-for-Work activity to clean the streets, as well as a healthy walk in the city of Ende, East Nusa Tenggara (NTT).

This Cash-for-Work environment cleaning program aims to empower the community and clean up the city of Ende from garbage.

On this occasion, Pegadaian together with other state-owned enterprises (SOEs) provided assistance with a total nominal of IDR601 million which would be used for assistance for infrastructure, books, construction of reading gardens, motorized garbage transporters, drilled wells, and Cash-for-Work assistance in the form of renovation of field of ceremony for Nangaba Sub-district.

With this CSR, hence a total of IDR1.95 billion in CSR assistance was distributed by Pegadaian in NTT, consisting of CSR assistance in Kupang worth IDR1.2 billion, CSR assistance on Rote Island worth IDR150 million, and CSR assistance in Ende amounting to IDR600 million.

"This is a government program that we collaborate with the Pegadaian social program, Sorting Out Waste, Saving Gold," said Pegadaian President Director Sunarso, when giving remarks at Pancasila Field of Ende, East Nusa Tenggara, Saturday (08/18/2018).

The people who took part in the healthy walking and environment cleaning program starting from the office of the Ende Regent had crowded the starting line since 6 am Central Indonesian Time (WITA). Shortly after that the healthy walk group was released by Deputy Regent of Ende, Drs. Djafar Achmad.

Along the way to Pancasila Square, 2,500 healthy walk participants seemed enthusiastic about picking up the garbage around them because besides being able to make Ende City cleaner, they could also exchange the trash they brought with money worth IDR25,000.

After arriving at Pancasila Square, the participants enjoyed the breakfast provided by Pegadaian cooperating with local MSMEs in the city of Ende.

"We hope that the awareness of the public not to throw trash carelessly will increase. So, the program of Sorting Waste Into Gold, which we are planning together with the government, can achieve maximum results," concluded Sunarso.