Thursday, 23 May 2019 | 13:56 WIB

Artificial Intelligence Becomes Industry Players’ Agenda

Artificial Intelligence Becomes Industry Players’ Agenda

JAKARTA, NNC - Since the end of last year, artificial intelligence (AI) has become one of the agendas for industry players in the field of technology, including in the smartphone industry.

With the rise in AI trends, many technology players or companies are committed to embed the technology in smart phones.

Having three generations of AI smart phones in its product portfolio, Honor is one of the leaders in this trend by introducing a third generation AI smartphone, Honor 10, which has just been launched in Indonesia.

As a leading brand of smart phones (e-brand), Honor focuses more on the younger generation. According to Indonesian Honor President, James Yang, all products launched by Honor are pioneers in three main areas, namely new technology, charming aesthetics, and affordable prices for the younger generation.

"We are fairly fast in exploring the possibility of applying AI on smart phones," Yang said, in a press release received by NNC on Wednesday (8/8/2018).

"We have introduced the results of our research to consumers in 2016, when we launched Honor Magic to celebrate our third anniversary. This cellphone is a pioneer by combining AI which is designed to understand and analyze user data to provide intelligent interactive features," Yang added.

Honor is a mobile electronic brand (e-brand) with a slogan For the Brave and is committed to meeting the needs of digital technology lovers through products with an optimized internet system.

This brand also offers a superior user experience, provides inspiration for productivity, fosters creativity, and encourages young people to achieve their dreams.