Tuesday, 18 June 2019 | 13:47 WIB

Tourism Ministry Targets 20 million Foreign Visits This Year

Tourism Ministry does co-branding to reach the 20 million foreign tourist target

JAKARTA, NNC - The Tourism Ministry targets to sign a Cooperation Agreement (PKS) of Co-Branding Wonderful Indonesia (WI) and Pesona Indonesia (PI) with 100 partners (brands) this year. This Cooperation Agreement is as a form of in action Co-Branding Wonderful Indonesia and Pesona Indonesia in accelerating the target achievement of visitors to 17 million foreign tourists this year and 20 million foreign tourists next year.

Chairman of Co-Branding Team of the Tourism Ministry Priyantono Rudito says there are already 119 brands from various product categories including Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG), banking, culinary, digital, and celebrity endorsers co-branding with WI/PI, with and 11 other additional brands signing the MoU.

"This year, Tourism Minister Arief Yahya is targeting 100 brands to do WI/PI PKS Co-Branding. PKS as in action co-branding in an effort to accelerate the target achievement of foreign tourist visits," Priyantono Rudito said in a press release on Wednesday, Aug 8.

Priyantono said from the 130 brands that have signed the MoU, 41 of them had signed the PKS agreement with the Tourism Ministry and have done a concrete action to increase the equity of the Wonderful Indonesia brand abroad and the Pesona Indonesia in the country. "The concrete action of WI/PI co-branding with partners have been realized which each of the brands getting benefits. For example, PT Blue Bird Group puts a WI logo on its taxis and buses, and the Tourism Ministry providing benefits in the form of Wonderful Indonesia Service Ambassador (WISA) Training for the Trainers Program for Blue Bird drivers," Priyantono Rudito added.

Minister Arief Yahya is offering that corporations to take advantage of the Wonderful Indonesia Brand bargaining position which currently ranks 47th in the Country Branding Index far ahead of Malaysia and Thailand. Through the co-branding collaboration, brands will get many benefits including budget efficiency, co-creation, and increasing the exposure of each brand.

Tourism Ministry Secretary Ukus Kuswara says the MoU is the entry point of the ongoing collaboration between the Tourism Ministry and co-branding partners and in order to build mutual commitment.