Sunday, 16 June 2019 | 11:32 WIB

Expert: Young Generation Must Embrace Coding Literacy to Face Industry 4.0 Era

Illustration: Computer programming or coding.

BOGOR, NNC - The Indonesian nation must start preparing a generation of computer language or "coding" literacy to deal with the industry 4.0 era, said the permanent professor of the Faculty of Agricultural Technology, Bogor Agricultural Institute (IPB) Prof. Yandra Arkeman.

"In the future there are two things that will shape human civilization, i.e., first, the use of advanced digital technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and 'blockchain' in various fields of life," said Yandra in his scientific speech at IPB Campus of Dramaga, Bogor, West Java, Saturday (8/4/2018).

According to him, technology will endanger humanity if humans are not ready. For that reason, Indonesian children who are familiar with the gadgets should not just become users but must be masters of the device.

"One of the knowledge is coding. By coding, we can become masters of intelligent machines that will be present in the future," he said.

Prof. Yandra explained coding or programming in computer languages is how humans give instructions to computers.

"Abroad, elementary school-age children have been taught the language of 'coding'. We have to start, otherwise we will miss," he said.

According to him, coding is the smallest element of artificial intelligence, because there is no computer that can instruct itself. At present, he continued, the tools are many but the coding experts are few, this is the actual problem.

"We have to start preparing smart people. We must pursue the fourth industrial revolution, but are there innovations in the field of artificial intelligence that will cause the Industry 5.0 revolution? When will it happen?" he said.

He further explained the Industrial Revolution 5.0 might take another 100 years, but clearly Indonesian people need to prepare themselves for the era after 4.0, that is, the era of technological development combining 'blockchain' and AI.

"Abroad, experts in artificial intelligence are already heading there," he explained.

The next form of civilization, he said, is the massive development of agro-industry for food security, energy and biomaterial development.

According to him, in an effort to maximize the added value of a product, the agro-industry must also start using artificial intelligence. "This technology must be used in all supply chains," he said.

According to Prof. Yandra, a few years ago, he had applied artificial intelligence to build agroindustry.

One of them is 'Smart TIN', software made in collaboration with universities in America.

"Smart TIN development aims to design agro-industry more precisely, quickly and efficiently with artificial neural networks, fuzzy logic and others," he said.

Prof. Yandra added that currently he was working on the village's Medium Term Development Plan (RPJM) in collaboration with one of the centers in IPB in the form of village drone and artificial intelligence. The application of precision agricultural technology is to detect biodiversity, that is, how this artificial intelligence is inserted into the drone.

"This drone will be added smart vision and navigation so that it can fly alone without an operator," he said.

For digital agro-industry, he continued, IPB will soon launch digital agrologistics, i.e., an agro-industry that utilizes 'blockchain' which is useful so that the agro-industry supply chain is more traceable, transparent, efficient, and not easily manipulated.

"We will start with 'blockchain' for commodities such as chocolate, meat and shallots," he said, Antara reported.