Thursday, 27 June 2019 | 15:27 WIB

Pegadaian Unveils PKBL Distribution Strategy

PT Pegadaian

JAKARTA, NNC - Pegadaian CEO Sunarso reveals the distribution strategy of Partnership Program and Community Development (PKBL) PT Pegadaian and calls it "Pegadaian Bersih-bersih / Pegadaian Clean-up".

1. Clean -up Environment

This is implemented through various activities to clean the environment, including cleaning dirty rivers and sorting various types of garbages.

For example, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) PT Pegadaian promotes a program to convert household wastes into gold savings. The program was promoted with the inauguration of the Garbage Bank and Village Park, and dubs it "The Gade Clean & Gold", in Setia Asih Village, Bekasi District. Its expectation is its target village will be clean and comfortable as well, as Pegadaian's true work.

"Residents are taught to pick-up and collect household wastes, sort it, sell it by depositing and then replace it with gold savings. Its expected that collecting garbage can produce economic value, health value and environmental hygiene value," Sunarso said when inaugurating the Garbage Bank and Village Park, in Setia Asih Village, Bekasi District on Thursday, Aug 2..

2. Administration Clean-up

Sunarso say there is help given to villages directly or indirectly, like business development. Its development require the allocation of Human Resources (HR) to provide assistance in managing a clean and neat administration.

"The administration is related to management, information access, markets and capital. So there are much that can be done by the State-Owned Enterprise in assisting Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs)," Sunarso said.

3. Clean-up the Heart

This clean-up concerns worshiping, for example, PT Pegadaian helps built worshiping places, like mosque in Setia Asih Village, Bekasi District.

Sunarso says that inorder to attract the interest of the community as well as a form of Pegadaian's concern towards Setia Asih village, a number of aid funds for facilities and infrastructure totaling IDR 599,789,000 has been disbursed. The fund is used to finance the construction of garbage banks and village parks.

Pegadaian since 2016, has provided assistance totaling IDR 146,375,000 for the construction of duck cages, mosque, batik training, how to make dodol, aqua ponic training, and waste management training.

"Through the clean-up Pegadaian program dubbed "The Gade Clean & Gold", Pegadaian further emphasized the benefits of its presence as a state-owned enterprise that is present for the country in the context of environmental concern, and equalizing economic prosperity in all regions in Indonesia," Sunarso said.