Tuesday, 11 May 2021 | 21:04 WIB

BJB Syariah Bank Rakes IDR 18 billion Profit in Q1 2018

Business performance of BJB Syariah Bank in the second quarter of 2018 recorded another brilliant growth

JAKARTA, NNC - Business performance of BJB Syariah Bank in the second quarter of 2018 showed another brilliant growth. The company managed to record IDR18 billion in profit . Meaning that the achievement surpasses the IDR13 billion Bank Business Plan (RBB) revision target.

"Thank God we have earned IDR18 billion in profit in the second quarter. At the end of the year, we plan to rake IDR 33 billion in profit. Hopefully we can do better in the second semester," BJB Syariah Bank CEO Indra Falatehan said during a Business Review at the Lembaga Asri Resort on Monday, July 16.

The main focus of BJB Syariah Bank in 2018 is to make recovery efforts and replace its backup .Troubled assets are also being handled at a slow pace. That way, expansion and growth can be done according to plan.

"Unproductive assets will be eliminated and replaced. We will grow in quality assets such as consumers and will also focus on the commercial segment as the second pillar by indication," Indra said.

On the other hand, BJB Bank as the Controlling Shareholder of BJB Syariah Bank, opens a huge opportunity for collaboration related to product and service assistance. There are several business segments that are not mutually worked out by both banks, like installments and gold mortgage products.

"We are proud and admire that BJB Syariah Bank has been able to earn profits. I believe that the growth will be consistent, sustainable and intensity. We will maintain BJB Syariah Bank so that it can grow positively and with quality. All opportunities and business wheels will also be working together," BJB Bank Consumer and Retail Director Suartini said.

On the same occasion, West Java Regional 2 Financial Services Authority (OJK) Chief, Sarwono, affirm his full support for the progress of sharia banking, as the development of the national banking industry, both conventional and sharia are running consistently.

The average growth of conventional banking is 9 percent. Meanwhile, sharia banking grew an average of 8 percent. It has been consistent in Indonesia for three consecutive years, especially in West Java.

"(Sharia Banking) funding is positive but its financing should be improved. PSB (BJB Bank) provides good gestures to develop BJB Syariah Bank and I fully support it," Sarwono said.

As an illustration, in Q1 2018, BJB Syariah managed to record IDR9 billion in profit or up by 250.42 percent compared to the same period in 2017.