Tuesday, 11 Augst 2020 | 17:45 WIB

Trivo Group Collaborating with Japanese Developer Introduce Sakura Garden City in East Jakarta

Nobuya Ichiki (left) and Robert Yapari (right).

JAKARTA, NNC - Trivo Group, in collaboration with Japanese property developer Daiwa House Industry and JOIN (Japan Overseas Infrastructure Investment Corporation for Transport and Urban Development) under the banner of PT Sayana Integra Property is introducing a mixed-use (superblock) area on an area of 10 hectares in East Jakarta dubbed "Sakura Garden City", especially for those who give priority to comfort and convenience.

Daiwa House together with JOIN will get 60 percent shares of PT Sayana Integra Properties, a business company for Sakura Garden City project from Trivo Group, and participated in this project from April 2018 and will start a condo sale. Daiwa House and Trivo Group plan to develop 12 condominium buildings (approximately 5,000 residences in total).

Nobuya Ichiki, Senior Executive Officer of Daiwa House Industry, explained Daiwa House Industry is one of the largest developers in Japan, which has had more than 60 years of experience in the property world and is still developing today.

"There are a lot of business development in Daiwa House Group such as, real estate development and management, condominium development & management, real estate agency, hotel resort & golf course, business & city hotels, commercial facilities, logistic facilities, asset management and much more. Daiwa House Group's projects already exist in various countries. This project is the first mixed-use urban development business of Daiwa House company in Indonesia," said Ichiki, Thursday (4/26/2018).

Meanwhile JOIN is the first and only government and private company in Japan, specializing in overseas infrastructure investment. JOIN will support for the development of secure and reliable infrastructure.

Trivo Group is a company that has experienced for 15 years in the field and has been involved in developing Cililitan Wholesale Center (PGC) in East Jakarta, Sentra Grosir Cikarang and TangCity superblock in Tangerang.

Trivo Group President Director Robert Yapari explained that he is proud of the achievements of this cooperation. "The joining of Daiwa House as shareholder, which next along with Trivo Group becomes the owners of PT Sayana Integra Property. Daiwa house is a Japanese developer who has experienced for 60 years and is still developing until now, which will be able to provide certainty of value added, and can be enjoyed by our consumers, especially the people of East Jakarta and the people of Jakarta in general."