Thursday, 22 October 2020 | 05:19 WIB

PLN Invests IDR721 Bln for 45,500 kW Diesel Power Plant in Riau Islands

Illustration: Diesel power plant.

JAKARTA, NNC - State-electricity company, PT PLN (Persero), poured an investment of IDR721 billion to build a diesel power plant (DPP) in Riau Islands. Funds that size are used to build diesel-powered plants with a total capacity of 45,500 kilo Watts (kW).

The locations of the power plant are spread in 22 spots in Natuna Regency (13,500 kW), Anambas Regency (2,600 kW), Bintan Regency (700 kW), Lingga Regency 8,200 kW) and Karimun Regency (20,500 kW). Last Friday (3/2/2018), PLN inaugurated the addition of 17 diesel engines with a total capacity of 17,000 kW at Bukit Carok DPP, Karimun Island, Karimun Regency. The arrival of new engines would increase the capacity of Karimun Island's capable power to 42,000 kW. With a peak load of 25,500 KW, then on Karimun Island there is now 16,500 kW of power reserves.

Karimun Island is one isolated island located in Riau Islands. To supply electricity on the island, PLN needs to build scattered diesel power plants.

The scattered power plant project aims to encourage investment and economic growth, so that the electrification ratio and reliability of power supply in Riau Islands is increasing.

"Hopefully, it can encourage the tourism sector and eventually attracts investment. It is the archipelago area. So now we are preparing the electricity capacity or the engine first while in parallel pulling the power grid to the islands," explained Sumatra Region Business Director Wiluyo Kusdwiharto, in a written statement on Sunday (3/4).

Waluyo added that currently the installed capacity of the Bintan system is 211 MW, with a peak load of 75 MW. Supported by Batam-Bintan interconnection system and 150 kV high-voltage network extending to Kijang, Bintan power reserves reach 136 MW. This amount is enough to support any local government program in boosting economic growth and encouraging the tourism sector.

In the near future, PLN will realize the construction of new power plants in Bintan by 30 MW and increase the capacity of the transformer at Air Raja Substation by 60 Mega Volt Ampere (MVA) to strengthen the electricity in Tanjung Pinang. Going forward, PLN will also connect the islands by building a 20 kV marine cable in the islands around Batam, Bintan and Dabo.