Monday, 17 June 2019 | 11:43 WIB

BPS: Industrial Sector Contributes to Indonesia’s Economic Growth

Central Office of BPS.

JAKARTA, NNC - Central Statistics Agency (BPS) said Indonesia's economic growth is strongly influenced by some strategic sectors. One of them is the manufacturing sector which grew by about 0.91 percent.

Head of BPS Suhariyanto revealed the highest growth of 0.91 percent, followed by construction sector which climbed 0.67 percent.

"The source of Indonesia's economic growth in 2017 which is 5.07 percent is derived from multiplication of growth with the contribution in the GDP. The main growth source comes from the manufacturing industry with 0.91 percent, the second was from the construction with 0.67 percent, the trade 0.59 percent, agriculture 0.49 percent," he said at the BPS Building, Jakarta, Monday (2/5/2018).

Suhariyanto added that Indonesia's economic growth structure over the past three years has not moved much. The industrial sector still supports Indonesia's economic growth if seen from the field of business.

"The bottom line is that the source of economic growth has not moved since the last three years, i.e., from industry. If possible, it can be sustained, because those absorbing labors are the industry," he added.