Friday, 27 November 2020 | 16:00 WIB

Abunawas Express, Competing for the Sweetness of Expedition Business

Abunawas Express is officially launched.

JAKARTA, NNC –  Expedition business in Indonesia promises high expectations. At least it is seen from the increasing needs of freight forwarding services in Indonesia following the development of online trading. Not to mention, the rise of foreign investment invaded the expedition market here.

Business competition is also very tight, which is marked by abundant number of players. From the records of the Indonesian Logistics Association, there are more than 300 logistics companies in Jakarta. The sweetness of this business attracts entrepreneurs to fight the market.

One of them is Abunawas Express, a logistics business that helped enliven the market in Indonesia and was officially launched since Monday (12/25/2017).

"The business market is only four percent cultivated, so the prospect is very promising," said Abunawas Express commissioner Harun Abidin to reporters at the launch of Abunawas Express.

Harun invests in this business because in addition to relatively fast break even point (BEP), which is about one year, this business also has the ability to absorb a relatively large amount of labor, resulting in high economic and social effects.

To win the competition, Abunawas Express deployed a one-day delivery service expedition strategy.

In addition, according to its President Director M. Noor Sutrisno, the shipping price is fixed at IDR10,000 per item for a maximum weight of one kilogram to all destinations in the Jakarta area.

"Items will be delivered to the destinations on the same day, and we protect with insurance, so it is safe," said Sutrisno.

Abunawas Express, added Sutrisno, temporarily only serves delivery in the Jakarta area by opening service points at wholesale centers spread across five areas, such as ITC Cempaka Mas, Central Jakarta; Roxy Mas, West Jakarta; ITC Kuningan South Jakarta; PGC Cililitan East Jakarta, and ITC Manggadua, North Jakarta.

However, by 2018, Sutrisno said, Abunawas Express will penetrate the market by opening services at wholesale centers in Depok, Bogor, Tangerang and Bekasi. Furthermore, it will extend to major cities in Indonesia.