Tuesday, 18 June 2019 | 14:42 WIB

Papua Regional Govt Claims Residents Already Enjoy Single Fuel Price Program

Illustration: Fuel pump.

JAKARTA, NNC - The Single Fuel Price program in Papua is already running well. At various points of operation, people enjoy the same price as other regions in Indonesia.

Even if there are obstacles, it is only the supply factor that should be improved. "Mr. Jokowi's program has been good and well run by Pertamina. People have enjoyed the same price," said the Head of General Affairs of Regional Secretariat of Puncak Regency, Ilaga, Firom M Balinal in a release on Saturday (12/23/2017).

According to him, the impact of the same fuel prices is very apparent amid Ilaga community. The price of basic necessities such as vegetables in the market becomes more affordable, children become more enthusiastic in learning at night because the fuel for generator is cheaper, and the economy is more passionate.

Currently there is a need for additional supply, but he is aware that flights to areas that are at an altitude of 7,500 feet are not easy. Fuel must be transported by Air Tractor plane with a capacity of 4KL in once transport.

"Not to mention if the weather is not good, the risk is very high, especially since flights are also serving other routes," Firom said.

Like other points in Papua, the distributor agencies of one fuel price operated by Pertamina in Ilaga, do indeed sell at the same price at IDR6,450 per liter for gasoline (locally known as premium) and IDR5,150 per liter for diesel.

If any sells higher, Firom said, it is done outside the official institutions operated by the SOE. "The supply must be added, because there are also people from outside Ilaga who also bought," he said.

People's need for fuel is very high, not infrequently there are long queues at various official institutions. "In anticipation of this, we from the General Affairs of Regional Secretariat of Puncak regency, in the future plan to impose a coupon system," he added.