Wednesday, 19 June 2019 | 10:07 WIB

What Property Companies Expect of Robert Pakpahan

Robert Pakpahan, new Director General of Taxes (indowarta)

JAKARTA, NNC - Theresia Rustandi, Corporate Secretary of Intiland Development (IDX:DILD), says as a business actor and property developer, her company puts great hope on the appointing of Robert Pakpahan as new Director General (DG) of Taxes.

According to her, Robert can focus on completing the mission of Ken, and is able to spur economic growth through taxes that are in line with the growth of the industrial sector.

"We hope the new Director General will continue and finalize the tax policies that will encourage the growth of the property industry," Theresia said when contacted by reporters on Friday (1/12/2017).

Specifically, Theresia evaluates several policies such as the abolition of Income Tax 22 (PPh22) to Sales Tax on Luxury Goods (PPnBM).

She added that developed countries have eliminated those two types of taxes to encourage the property industry.

"Don’t make any surprises. Always do a two-way dialogue with us, because all tax policies have an impact on us and we are the players in the field," she said.