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Bank BRI Partners with Bukalapak to Boost Digital Economy

Bank BRI Partners with Bukalapak to Boost Digital Economy (special)

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM - Indonesia is on track to become one of the digital economic giants in Southeast Asia. The 2016 Economic Census Data from Statistics Indonesia (BPS) shows that the Indonesian e-Commerce industry in the last 10 years grew about 17 percent with total e-Commerce business of 26.2 million units.

The Government of Indonesia estimates the contribution of e-commerce to gross domestic product (GDP) of 10 percent by 2020 as it targets to position Indonesia as an e-commerce center in ASEAN.

The massive development of e-commerce requires strong and wide support from all stakeholders. Therefore, Bank Rakyat Indonesia (IDX:BBRI), also known as Bank BRI, as a State Owned Enterprise (SOE), has the responsibility to encourage the digital economy in Indonesia.

Bank BRI has expanded its cooperation with one of the e-commerce businesses, In this partnership, Bank BRI is committed to providing banking facilities to Bukalapak, which includes BRIVA online service, CMS payment priority service, E-pay service, WS Overbooking and notification services and other banking services.

BRIVA is a BRI virtual account that customers can use to make payment transactions through all BRI and ATM networks of other banks. Meanwhile, E-pay is one of the means of payment for online payment that is practical and secure using Bank BRI’s internet banking.

"Bank BRI continues to support the acceleration of Indonesia's digital economy by establishing strategic cooperation with e-commerce players in Indonesia and we also consider strategic cooperation,  since Bank BRI and Bukalapak have the same business core that is MSME," said Director of Bank BRI Sis Apik in its release, Jakarta, Tuesday (28/11/2017).

Meanwhile, Bukalapak CEO Achmad Zaky said Bukalapak is optimistic that this partnership will be able to increase the banking service facilities that are able to reach and provide wider access for the smoothness of trading and ease of payment for more than 13 million users and 2 million Bukalapak pelapak throughout Indonesia.

With the easy access to finance for customers and pelapak who are the perpetrators of MSME is expected to assist the progress of business actors in business.

" MSMEs are expected to continue to grow their business through digital platforms or online in Indonesia, especially Bukalapak as an online business market place and also take advantage of digital financial services in it," he said.