Tuesday, 11 May 2021 | 20:41 WIB

House Commission VI: Deviation in Refined Sugar Distribution Has Long Happened

Member of House Commission VI Abdul Wachid

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM - Member of Commission VI of the House of Representatives Abdul Wachid believes the leaking of refined sugar into the consumer market has long happened, long before the Criminal Investigation Agency (Bareskrim) of National Police declared the president director of PT CP, with initials BB, as a suspect of illegal distribution case of refined crystal sugar.

"Refined sugar has long been circulating in hotels and cafes even in retail stores, minimarket, throughout the country, whereas refined sugar is only intended for the food and beverage industry. But strangely law enforcers seem helpless," he said in Jakarta, Sunday (11/5/2017).

Wachid was bold to guarantee if now the Police Bareskrim conducts operations to minimarket, they will succeed to find illegal refined sugar.

The impact of the leaking is extraordinary according to Wachid. White crystal sugar (GKP) for household consumption, from the beginning of milling in May 2017 to the present, still accumulates in sugar factory warehouses, approximately 700 thousand tons. GKP cannot compete with refined sugar which is in better quality and cheaper price.

He urged the government to evaluate the raw sugar import permit quota. Law enforcement officials should also be more serious in investigating and prosecuting the perpetrators of leaking.

"The law enforcement should provide severe sanctions, in the form of special punishment because it makes economy chaotic," he said.

Meanwhile, General Chairman of Indonesian Sugar Cane Farmers (APTRI) Soemitro Samadikoen said the case of leaking of refined sugar is the old diseases which the Police have recently dismantled.

According to the estimation by APTRI refined sugar leaking to the market reaches 500 thousand tons. "The case of PT CP is only a small part of the crime that can be called the iceberg phenomenon," he said.