Wednesday, 22 May 2019 | 05:41 WIB

Exploring Cooperation Opportunities, Russian Delegation Visits Smesco Indonesia

Smesco Indonesia Building

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM - Russian business delegation, the Leader Club and the Russian Business for Strategy Initiative, made a visit to SMEs and Cooperatives (Smesco) building, to explore opportunities and trade cooperation.

The delegation led by Olga Ivanova was welcomed by Secretary of Ministry of Cooperatives and SMEs Agus Muharram, at the Smesco Indonesia building on Wednesday (11/1/2017).

Also welcoming to the Russian entourage were Marketing Service Institute (LLP-KUKM) President Director Emilia Suhaimi, Deputy Supervision Suparno and Expert Staff of Ministry of Cooperatives and SMEs Hasan Djauhari.

"The visit of the Russian delegation is very positive for the marketing of our SME products especially in Smesco in reaching the foreign market. This also shows that SMEs without IT or social media will be left behind. This Russian delegation knows Smesco from social media, and they expressed interest in visiting here, it is just how to follow this up," said Agus.


Exploring Cooperation

Russian delegation chairman Olga Inanova said their visit to Indonesia is in the framework of sharing knowledge, how to create a better investment climate, as well as explore cooperation opportunities, especially in the field of SMEs.

"Russia continues to improve the investment climate, so from 120th position in 2013, it has now climbed to 32nd place," Olga explained.

The delegation of Russian entrants who visited Indonesia, many engaged in online digital marketing, infrastructure, finance and banking.

"We are also studying how the Indonesian government policies in developing SMEs, and we just know there is a program of Small Loans (KUR) and LPDB-KUMKM (Revolving Fund Management Institute), which I think are very good for the development of SME financing," Olga added.

"China and India have trading houses in Russia, so I suggest also that Indonesia is exploring to open a kind of trading house in Russia," Olga added again.

President Director of LLP-KUKM/Smesco Emilia Suhaimi said she is still studying the proposal of this Russian delegation, because to open a kind of trading house requires preparation and more detailed steps.

She also offers the Russian delegation marketing cooperation through social media, in this case LLP-KUKM/Smesco already has a website, which can be integrated with the Russian marketing network of the Russian delegates.