Wednesday, 19 June 2019 | 10:30 WIB

Pegadaian Gives Aid of IDR100 Mln to Universitas Cenderawasih

Pegadaian Gives Aid of IDR100 Mln to Universitas Cenderawasih (pegadaian)

JAYAPURA, NETRALNEWS.COM -  Harianto Widodo, Director of Product at state-owned pawning company Pegadaian has handed aid worth IDR100 million for clean-up facilities to Universitas Cenderawasih in Jayapura on Saturday (28/10/2017). The aid was symbolically received by Rector of Universitas Cenderawasih Dr. Ir Apolo Safanpo, ST, MT.

In his speech, Apolo expressed his gratitude to the state-owned companies (SOE) that have provided assistance to the university.

"We on behalf of Universitas Cenderawasih would like to thank Pelindo, Pegadaian, PPI, and Danareksa for providing CSR aid to Universitas Cenderawasih. We hope that SOEs can continue to play an active role in the education sector’s development in the future,” he said.

Apolo also said that the students are mediators of communities and the government, as students are young intellectuals who will receive the leadership relay in the future. Such activities are also an effort to improve understanding and awareness of national economic condition and the role of SOE and improve the relationship between BUMN and universities.

At the event titled #BUMNHadir held in the hall of Faculty of Engineering of Universitas Cenderawaih, the event was filled with a public lecture by Professor of Faculty of Economics and former Minister of the Environment Prof. Baltasar Kambuaya. Also featured as a director of PPI Director Agus Andiyani, Managing Director of Pelindo IV Doso Agung, and Managing Director Danareksa Heru D. Adiningrat.

Baltasar Kambuaya in a public lecture entitled Sustainable Environmental Development states that sustainable environmental development will be realized when there is a balance in management including Profit, Planet, and People.

"It means that in the development must provide maximum benefits but still maintain the sustainability of the earth and pay attention to the people who will come. Natural exploitation should be followed by recovery so that damage can be corrected. Thus our children and grandchildren can enjoy the legacy of a good and sustainable environment, "he said.

Meanwhile, the Directors of BUMN gave a lecture on the role of BUMN in national development. Activities are increasingly widespread and interactive when the Managers give quizzes prizes door prize in the form of laptops, bicycles and money saving tens of millions of rupiahs. The event that followed by about 1,000 students from nine faculties.