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ITB Alumni Reject Reclamation, Compare Indonesia to the Netherlands

Ilustrasi Reklamasi Teluk Jakarta

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COMJAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM - The Alumni Association of Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB) has rejected the reclamation of the bay of Jakarta. Moreover, later many effects that appear afterwards.

One of the alumnis, Muslim Arnas, explained that there was a wrong technical review on the reclamation that its impact could harm Jakarta in the future.

"The Jakarta Bay is different from those in the Netherlands. Ours is widened, while it is elongated in the Netherlands. It means that it’s not a problem if the Netherlands made the short dike, because it extends him into the sea, but if we are widened. It takes high cost to tackle dike," said Muslim, Wednesday (10/25/2017), in Central Jakarta.

Jakarta has 13 streams, and it’s uncertain if other countries have it too. The thirteen streams flow into the sea, and when it’s reclaimed, it led to flooding.

"These 13 streams will run to the sea, so once it’s reclamated the river will bring sediment as well. .An inter-island will be connected and closed, so he closed the water where Jakarta is going where .The water in Jakarta will be streamed out so as not to flood must use the pump," he said.

"That water has been calculated from the experts is 3000 cubic meters per liter, you know if the PDAM is 500 liters per second it is very big, this 3000 meters per secos baseball there is a pump in this world who have pumps that have that for water to the sea," he added.

Therefore, to overcome the water problem, a giant embankment with high cost is needed. It did not want the government to spend much money, but the impact is detrimental to society.

"What should be the dike of the breeding, which is the giant sea wall, but who is doing the giant sea wall, if the government is reclaimed, what profit will the government pay the giant sea wall cost for tens of trillions," he concluded.