Monday, 17 June 2019 | 11:33 WIB

JNE Collaborates with Tokopedia to Provide Payment Service

JNE Collaborates with Tokopedia to Provide Payment Service (ist)

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM - Shipping and delivery services company JNE continues to innovate in its 27 years of doing business. . One of the innovations is by providing online shopping payment option.

Currently, the ongoing strategic partnership is between JNE and Tokopedia. This service is called JNE-Tokopedia payment.

Muhammad Feriadi, President Director of JNE, said the JNE-Tokopedia payment collaboration jas become an alternative payment channel option, where consumers who shopped at Tokopedia merchants can make payments at more than 200 JNE representative offices throughout Indonesia.

"To make a payment through JNE-Tokopedia Payment, after having finished shopping at Tokopedia, customers can directly select the point of JNE Representative Office already registered in Tokopedia. Then, the customer can directly make payment at that location," said Feriadi, Monday (16/10 / 2017).

Feriadi added that the company will also offer free administration cost promo from October 17-31 for 50,000 transactions using Tokopedia payments at JNE representative offices throughout Indonesia.

"In providing service to customers, JNE not only prioritizes speed, accuracy, and security for customer shipments, but we are also eager to provide value-added services," he said.

Meanwhile, Tokopedia Co-Founder and CEO William Tanuwidjaya said that with JNE's extensive network throughout Indonesia, this partnership will enable Indonesians not only to use JNE as a shipping and delivery services company, but also as a payment channel.

"Especially to the people of Indonesia who do not have a bank account, this is in line with Tokopedia's mission in encouraging the digital distribution of the economy," said William.