Tuesday, 20 April 2021 | 17:59 WIB

Three Banks Set on Issuing e-Money Cards on December 2017

Three Banks Set on Issuing e-Money Cards on December 2017 (illustration: kreditgogo)

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM - Bank Indonesia (BI) continues to push foward the toll booth electronication payment program. One of them is an opportunity for financial institutions to be issuers of electronic money or e-money cards.

"Five banks have now issued e-money cards. On December, 2017, Bank Mega, Bank Nobu and Bank DKI will also issue e-money cards so that the integration will be easier and stronger. People can freely and conveniently use e-money from these banks," said Pungky Purnomo Wibowo, Director of Payment System Policy Department at BI, on Tuesday (10/10/2017)

As for the e-money fees and top up fees, , Pungky said it is arranged solely to keep banks from raising charging to their customers unfairly.

"We set the fee between Rp 0 to Rp 750 per transaction for top ups above IDR200,000 so banks can compete healthily. There is no monopoly, "Pungky said.

Going forward, he disclosed that BI will continue to receive all input from the community in the process of integration and payment electronication. In an effort to promote a more efficient economy, comfortable and not much cost.

"The synergy will continue to be done both land, sea and air We will invite all stakeholders and try to all parties to support the program BI.Because on the other hand BI also provide non-cash social assistance program through the cards And this no cost burden, "Pungky said.