Thursday, 27 June 2019 | 15:14 WIB

Minister Luhut: Ambon’s Beauty of Nature and Peace, the Main Attraction of 2017 Tour de Moluccas

Menko Kemaritiman Luhut B Panjaitan

AMBON, NETRALNEWS.COM - Coordinating Minister for Maritime Affairs Luhut Pandjaitan has said the beauty of nature and peace in Ambon are the main attraction for the cyclists  2017 Tour de Moluccas.

"I think this event will be an exciting tour, 714 kilometers around the Moluccas. The clean, beautiful, peaceful city of Ambon, let‘s make them to be the theme of the campaign," he told reporters after finished the race.

Minister Panjaitan released the start and participated on Sunday (9/17/2017) in the capital of Maluku, Ambon.

He said many areas in Maluku are beautiful and its beautiful nature certainly can be an attraction for the participants. In this first held event with as many as 112 domestic and overseas participants.

According to him the sanitation campaign also includes the ocean sanitation.

"In my welcome speech I have to say that if there is plastic waste, it’s should not thrown into the sea. The garbage can be mixed with asphalt. Besides making our environment clean, maintaining the sanitation also can improve people’s economy," he told the reportes.

When asked about the Ambonese people who are still waiting for the government's promise to make Ambon a national fish barn, Coordinating Minister Luhut promised to inquire to the related minister.

"That’s what we are doing, I will also check the progress to the Maritime and Fisheries Minister," he said.

The marine conservation program of the Coordinating Minister of the Maritime has emphasized the need for cooperation.

"We are called the second dirtiest country in the world because we are an archipelago country, and we lack the discipline of maintaining environmental sanitation. There is still waste thrown into the sea, also some fishermen do. 80 percent of garbage in the sea come from the land. Therefore, we need to work together to avoid harm the future generations.”

"About the sea toll we've discussed yesterday. It turns out that those who benefit from the subsidies are traders, whereas the initial purpose of the subsidy is that the prices can be the same as the island of Java. We are still evaluating this problem," he replied.

"Tour de Moluccas is a cycling race aimed at improving Maluku Islands tourism business. The route participants will travel is hotmix asphalt along Maluku Island and will last until 22 September 2017. The racing route across three districts and one city, divided into five stages with total mileage along 714 km.”

Throughout the race, participants will pass a number of spots with beautiful scenery, including Namalatu Beach, Matakus Beach, and several other places.