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Money Circulation at Kaltim Expo Expected to Reach IDR15 Bln

Kaltim Expo 2016

SAMARINDA, NETRALNEWS.COM - The circulation of money at the Development Exhibition and East Kalimantan Expo (Kaltim Expo) scheduled to be opened by East Kalimantan Governor Awang Faroek Ishak, Monday (8/21/2017) at the Convention Hall Sempaja is expected to reach up to IDR15 billion.

"In Kaltim Expo which is organized with the Exhibition of Development last year there was a transaction of IDR14 billion, so Kaltim Expo 2017 target is increased to IDR15 billion," said Head of Investment and One-Stop Licensing Office of East Kalimantan Diddy Rusdiansyah in Samarinda, Sunday (8/20).

He was optimistic that this target will be achieved because the economic development of Kaltim 2017 is better than 2016, especially in this event there are about 300 outlets that are also enlivening by selling various needs of society, electronics, MSMEs players, and others.

This year's Exhibition of Development and Kaltim Expo is the 9th ceremony conducted by East Kalimantan Provincial Government in cooperation with local Event Organizer.

This event in addition to being the arena of transactions from various products as well as a means of promotion also becomes the momentum of each Organization of Regional Devices (OPD) in the East Kalimantan provincial government and regency/city government to showcase the results of their work so far.

Through this event, the public can find out information about the development that has been done by the government, including the development of infrastructure in all fields, as well as the level of social welfare and society.

It also includes the development of micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs), cooperatives, and other types of businesses successfully built by the community which are able to grow so far, so it can also be learning for the community in entrepreneurship.

"Exhibition of Development and East Kalimantan Expo is followed by each OPD of East Kalimantan provincial government, regency/municipal governments, state-owned enterprises, regionally-owned enterprises, players of property, automotive, electronic, MSMEs built by OPDs, and special culinary outlets," said Diddy. (*)