Sunday, 24 March 2019 | 19:54 WIB

China Dominates Foreign Tourist Visits to North Sulawesi

China Dominates Foreign Tourist Visits to North Sulawesi (pemkotmanado)

MANADO, NNC - Tourists from China still dominate foreign tourist visits to North Sulawesi in September 2018. This was conveyed by the Head of the Statistics and Distribution Division of Statistics Indonesia (BPS) of North Sulawesi Marthedy Tenggehi.

"Chinese tourists who came were 11,182 people, or 87.84 percent of total foreign tourists to North Sulawesi," Tenggehi said in Manado, as quoted by Antara on Saturday (11/03).

Furthermore, the next most foreign tourists came from Germany with 321 people (2.52 percent), America with 125 people (0.98 percent), the Netherlands with 116 people (0.91 percent), and the UK with 106 people (0.83 percent).

Also, Singapore with 105 people (0.82 percent), Japan with 98 people (0.77 percent), Australia with 86 people (0.68 percent), Malaysia with 74 people (0.58 percent), and Hong Kong with 65 people (0.51 percent)

Meanwhile, the number of foreign tourists coming to North Sulawesi through Sam Ratulangi International Airport in September 2018 was 12,730 people, or decreased by 17.59 percent compared to August 2018 which amounted to 15,448 people

Compared to foreign tourists visit the same month the previous year in September 2017, there were as many as 6,306 people in September 2018, a rise of 101.87 percent.

The development of cumulative foreign tourists as of September 2018 reached 99,178 people. This figure increases compared to the number of foreign tourists in the same month in 2017, which is 56,670 people.

Marthedy said he hoped the regional government would continue to improve tourism objects in North Sulawesi, so as to attract foreign tourists to come to the area.