Wednesday, 18 July 2018 | 04:11 WIB

Are You an Ice Cream Enthusiast? Maybe This One is Your Favorite

There is a hidden meaning in the logo of Baskin Robbins (baskinrobbins)

JAKARTA, NNC - Fans and enthusiasts of cold, sweet, and delicious ice cream are certainly familiar of Baskin Robbins, as this ice cream’s outlets are often seen crowded with customers.

If you have experienced being one of the consumers waiting in line to get a Baskin Robbins ice cream, you would certainly feel the benefits presented this ice cream that always and continues to pamper visiting customers. So, what are the advantages offered by the ice cream?

Nadia Arie, Brand Executive of Baskin Robbins, said that in addition to always maintaining the quality of products offered, the logo BR is already be the reason Baskin Robbins deserve to be the main choice of ice cream lovers.

"If you look closely, this ice cream logo contains the number 31. Well, the meaning of the number 31 that describes the day of the month, and in 31 days that ice cream lovers can taste ice cream with different flavors every day," Nadia said.

Due to being able to eat different ice cream flavors every day, Nadia continued, ice cream lovers will not get bored quickly. Not only that, the second key point that is featured from this ice cream is chemistry element that is always maintained.

"Chemistry means that the buyers who come to the oulet will always be greeted in a friendly manner by our ice cream employees," said Nadia with a smile.

Some of the excellent products that are owned by the ice cream include Cup & Cone Ice Cream, Sundaes, Float, Milkshake & Blast for this type of beverage, then Fresh Pack and Ice Cake to complete any event, as well as cafe menus that can be enjoyed in certain Baskin Robbins outlets.

"In the future, of course we always have a target to add outlets, so this is our way to always get closer to the customer, so if you want to eat ice cream especially with a significant other, Baskin Robbins is the right choice," she added, cheerfully.