Wednesday, 20 June 2018 | 04:55 WIB

Juventus Uses These Two Basic Parameters for Recruiting Players

General Director of Juventus, Giuseppe Marotta

TURIN, NETRALNEWS.COM – Giuseppe Marotta, General Director of Italian Serie A giant Juventus, has clarified the club's policy when it comes to bringing in new players in the transfer market.

In addition to factor of transfer cost, Marotta pointed that Juventus also sees the factor of the player’s personality that is also very instrumental and fundamental for the club before deciding to recruit a player.

The player transfer policy was revealed by Marotta, who is responsible for Bianconeri’s strategy in the transfer market, in a meeting with members and club supporters in Turin on Friday (5/19).

"It is normal that when we decide to buy a new player, we do it based on two basic parameters," Marotta said.

"In addition to the amount of money we spend or the value of the players, we also see it from the personal side," added Marotta who then compare the recruitment of players with new recruits in a company.

"It is very difficult to assess the psychological aspects in a short time. At the company, there are normally interview sessions and entrance exams. In football, things go so fast. So, it is not possible to do as it happens in the company. In football, within an hour or two, you can lose a player, "said Marotta.

Marotta gave an example of the recruitment of Argentine star Juventus Paulo Dybala in June 2015. At that time Dybala still belonged to Palermo, became the target of Italian and Argentine elite clubs.

"So, looking at the conditions, we were forced to take very quick steps to realize the deal and get approval with Club President Andrea Agnelli. We are grateful, Dybala recruitment is a very good transfer operation, "Marotta concluded.