Friday, 22 June 2018 | 10:13 WIB

Cristiano Ronaldo’s On-Pitch Conduct Strengthens Suspicion of Match-Fixing

Cristiano Ronaldo's conduct during a match againts Celta Vigo (bleacher)

MADRID, NETRALNEWS.COM - The talks about the match-fixing between Real Madrid against Celta Vigo in La Liga continues to steamroll forward. The latest report says, Madrid's superstar statement, Cristiano Ronaldo further reinforce the allegations of match-fixing arrangements that took place at the Balaidos Stadium, Wednesday (17/5) evening local time.

In the game, Real Madrid successfully stole the victory from the host Celta Vigo. Unmitigated, Madrid beat Vigo with a score of 4-1. The victory further enlarge opportunities Real Madrid to win Spanish La Liga.

However, in the game that Cristiano Ronaldo statement seemed to confirm the existence of match settings. That's after he had a fuss with the defender Vigo, Gustavo Cabral.

Reported from AS, Ronaldo was caught on camera shouting words to Cabral. The sentence is suspected as an indication of a score setting.

"You got a lot of money, Maletin!" shouted Ronaldo to Cepada recorded in the recording video as reported by AS.

The star even shows body language that is defined as pocket by snapping his index finger and thumb.

Ronaldo is shouting slang terms in Spanish football. Maletin literally in Spanish means suitcase. The word was to dub a third-party bribed club to succumb after the outcome of the match was no longer decisive for them.

Any result achieved by Vigo in the match will not affect their fate. Their position remains in the middle of the standings and avoid the relegation zone.