Friday, 22 June 2018 | 10:13 WIB

The Main Obstacle for This Yamaha Rider to Be a Champion

Maverick Vinales (motogp)

AUSTIN, NETRALNEWS.COM - New MotoGP star Maverick Vinales is said to still have one major drawback that could hinder him to become world champion this season.

According to Chief Mechanic of Movistar Yamaha, Ramon Forcada, Vinales still often perform poorly at the start of race. No wonder he often got scattered in the early races.

Just look at the first series in Qatar. Suzuki's former racer was scattered after the start despite him successfully seizing pole position. Vinales was displaced to fifth position when completing the first lap. The Spaniard has just managed to get back to pole position on lap 14, and successfully maintained until the race was over.

According to Ramon, in addition to a bad start, Vinales also have to perform more efficiently in the qualifying round. The proof, in the last Argentine GP race, the 22-year-old rider only managed to start sixth.

Luckily, at the Circuit Termas de Rio Hondo, Vinales started better in this series, up straight to the top three, then improve the position and became champion.

"He has to improve his start, but it's just a matter of time, and in qualifying, he has to get used to getting time laps in the first round, not in the second round," said Forcada, as quoted by Motorsport.

"If you do that regularly on Saturdays, you get used to doing it on Sunday, and if you have a good start, you save yourself from a lot of trouble."

"In MotoGP, if you are stuck in the start, five riders will overtake you before the first corner, and if your goal is winning, it makes things complicated," he added.

At MotoGP Austin this weekend, Vinales is again faced with the challenge of maintaining a positive trend so far that has always been the champion of the first two series.