Saturday, 18 Augst 2018 | 07:42 WIB

French Becomes Most Expensive Team in 2018 World Cup

French national team.

JAKARTA, NNC – French national team becomes the most expensive team in the FIFA 2018 World Cup. France currently ranks the top while the England and Brazil national team in second and third position, respectively.

The study on the most expensive team in the Russia's 2018 World Cup was conducted by CIES Football Observatory. In a statement, the French national team ranked first with a squad value of EUR1.410 billion.

No wonder if France becomes the most expensive team. The reason is there are names like Kylian Mbappe whose transfer fee is estimated at around EUR187 million. In addition to Mbappe, Paul Pogba is another player. Antoine Griezmann also added an exorbitant value for French squad with a EUR100-million clause at Atletico Madrid.

England national team places the second with EUR1.386 billion. Exorbitant transfer value in the English League lifts the value of English squad.

Harry Kane becomes the most expensive player in the England squad. CIES reported data stating that the value reached EUR210 million, after extending the contract with Tottenham Hotpsur.

Brazil is the next team with the most expensive value. CIES called the Samba Team for EUR1.269 billion. Neymar becomes the most expensive player with a record of EUR196 million.

Spain ranks fourth with a total squad price of EUR965 million, Saul Niguez is the most expensive player with a price tag of EUR101 million.

Meanwhile Argentina is in fifth position with a total of EUR925 million. Lionel Messi is the highest priced player with EUR184 million or 20 percent of the value of the Argentina squad.

Portugal is in seventh position with a total of EUR656 million.