Wednesday, 24 October 2018 | 03:55 WIB

Napoli Fails to Defeat Juventus

Maurizio Sarri.

NAPLES, NNC – Napoli coach Maurizio Sarri congratulated Juventus for their seventh successive Serie A win of scudetto titles. After a long time topping the standings, Napoli had to give up the Scudetto to be won by Juventus again. Sarri said his team lost psychologically.

Sarri said that the defeat in the away game to Fiorentina greatly influenced his team in the future. The result itself is inseparable from the fact that his players were the night before, watched how Juventus turned things around at Inter Milan headquarters and won 3-2 in injury time.

Juventus's victory hit the players psychologically and they struggled to rise after losing to Fiorentina. Unfortunately, I Partenopei always has difficulty to rise after losses so that they again achieve less than maximum results in the next few games. This shows how fragile the mentality of Napoli was and Sarri’s players need time to fix this issue.

"We needed to sleep early on Saturday night in Florence, the team suffered a psychological blow. The only regret I had this season was that we lost the Scudetto at the hotel and not on the field,” Sarri said to Mediaset Premium as reported by Football Italia.

"We lost three games and always balanced after each of those defeats. The team was sensitive and obviously fragile in some ways. We have to work hard, Serie A League s well," he added.