Sunday, 27 May 2018 | 20:46 WIB

The Importance of Emergency Specialists at the 2018 Asian Games

The Importance of Emergency Specialists at the 2018 Asian Games (fisioterapi)

JAKARTA, NNC - Emergency Specialist dr Tri Maharani says there is a lack of emergency specialists on medical teams that are  prepared in sports matches in Indonesia. In fact, said Dr Tri, Emergency specialist is needed to provide quick and appropriate assistance in the occurrence of accidents in a sporting event.

Like a disaster, said Dr Tri, a match should also be predicted. For example, evacuation routes are certainly different between athletes and spectators, if things are not desired, such as the occurrence of riots. Not to mention, the possibility of an accident or injury to athletes that can be fatal,such as what happened to goalkeeper Choirul Huda.

"It is important that there are Emergency Specialists, especially contingency plans, how to do triage, communicate, help and raise patients properly, for example in a racing bike race a collision occurs, who is in contact?. So far it is not a medical team, when it should be an Emergency Specialist, explained Dr Tri when contacted by some time ago.

Furthermore, Dr. Tri said that, Indonesia often do not adhere to strict standards that have been applied by other international countries. In fact, there are as many as 20 sports that require head of healty emergency specialist and in Indonesia the number is very small ie 51 people.

"The sports match is like a human disaster so there must be planning, especially since there are 20 sports at risk in Asean Games 2018 but it can be accompanied and minimized (unwanted events)," said one of the World Health Organization (WHO) this.

To note, Dr Tri himself is a doctor who became a facilitator in emergency training for hundreds of medical personnel who will come down at the upcoming 2018 Asian Games. He trained as many as 700 doctors and nurses on emergency handling, in Jakarta, Bandung and Palembang.

"This is a new history and a new chapter for Indonesia because it has never existed (Emergency Specialist involved in sporting events) .This time for Indonesia, if abroad it has become standard," said the doctor.