Wednesday, 19 September 2018 | 13:58 WIB

Forerunner 935, Smartwatch for Triathletes

Garmin Forunner 935

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM - Garmin announced the launch of Forerunner 935, a GPS smartwatch for running and triathlon with a new performance monitoring tool and Elevate, a heart rate measurement technology directly built in the wrist strap. In addition to a 24/7 heart rate monitor, Forerunner 935 also includes a new workout feature that allows users to adjust their workouts and recovery to become better athletes.

Forerunner 935 can also be easily paired with Running Dynamics Pod although it is sold separately, so its users can now see six dynamic running information without the need for a chest belt. Weighing only 49 grams, every detail in this lightweight and comfortable design is very attentive to the athletes' needs. 

"Forerunner 935 is aimed at athletes, especially triathletes who focus on performance and results," said Engelhard Sundoro, Managing Director, Garmin South Asia, in a press statement received by on Thursday (10/12/2017).

"As a sophisticated GPS watch, Forerunner 935 provides complete information for serious athletes on how the body responds to fitness routines to help them practice better."