Wednesday, 20 June 2018 | 04:51 WIB

Here is Messi Best Start over the Past Four Seasons

Lionel Messi celebrating goal to Juventus box. (espn)

BARCELONA, NETRALNEWS.COM – Watch out, Lionel Messi has returned. For the first time in the last four seasons, Barcelona superstar and Argentina national team aged 30 years appeared fierce in front of the opponent's goal boxes.

Two goals scored by La Pulga, Messi's nickname, to Juventus' goal box guarded by veteran goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon—Messi's first time strike in four meetings—made Messi recorded eight goals from six official competitive parties at the beginning of the season.

Messi scored the first goal in the Spanish Super Cup match when Barcelona faced Real Madrid. Messi's sole goal made the trophy fall into the arms of Los Blancos.

In the inaugural match of La Liga, Messi failed to record his name on the scoreboard. However, Messi went on a rampage in the next two weeks by destroying the box guarded by goalkeeper Alaves twice and scored a hat-trick against Espanyol last week. Plus two goals against Juventus last night gave Messi a total of eight goals.

Looking back, this is Messi's best performance at the start of the season since the 2013-2014 season. In the 2011-2012 and 2012-2013 seasons, Messi appeared primed and also recorded breaking the opponent's goal boxes as many as eight times.

Only in the era of Luis Enrique, Messi's productivity in early season sagged. Now, under the direction of new coach Ernesto Valverde, Messi's performance has returned. (*)