Friday, 22 June 2018 | 02:28 WIB

A New Way to Implement Pancasila in Daily Life

Illustration: Pancasila as the National Principle

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM - A current phenomenon that makes us sad is the rise of hatred sentiment on behalf of differences of identity, that is, ethnicity, religion, race and intergroup (SARA). Such difference and diversity is tainted with hate speech.

In fact, before the phenomenon of hate speech is overwhelming social media, various events showed clearly how our society has lost the soul and spirit of Pancasila values.

Various phenomena of violence and anarchist acts based on religious, ethnic and racial backgrounds and classes in certain degrees often result in casualties and physical damage, as well as the psychological pain accompanying inhumane acts contrary to the values of Pancasila.

Not to mention the actions of anarchism and radicalism that make us failed to understand why the actions which are very contrary to the values of Pancasila are emerging. What they want to achieve with actions that are against the values of Pancasila.

Pancasila Seems to have Lost Its Authority

The diversity that is supposed to glue the nation's power is injured by behaviors that engender personal and group selfishness. Thus, there, the solidarity between peoples in pluralism that has long been wrought with difficulty by the nation's children is increasingly eroded.

Then, we question where is the relevance of Pancasila values in the life of society, nation and state? The question that keeps sticking out in the middle of the phenomenon that makes us sad not only appears once or twice, but too often, whether intentional or not.

How is the answer to the above question? Before giving the answer, it helps us to realize how important the moral reference in the life of the nation that should become a place in our togetherness. That this nation should have an open moral anchor and nurture the nation's daily life.

When Pancasila becomes the basis, the foundation and the guideline in the life of the nation, the values of Pancasila that are so majestic and noble should be radiance in the daily life of the nation's children.

Whatever the challenges and temptations to life that conflict with the values of Pancasila, which are based on religious values as set forth in the first principle of Pancasila, i.e., the One Supreme God, can be eliminated.

When the life of our society is still far from mirroring the values of Pancasila, or when Pancasila is no longer implemented in common life, we ask whether Pancasila still has relevance in the life.

The correct answer is that many of the children of this nation have good and praiseworthy behavior that reflects the values of Pancasila in the life of the nation.

That is, with the emergence of various behaviors that are contrary to the values of Pancasila, here and there awareness about how important the values of Pancasila implemented in everyday life is still born and emerged.

That the values of Pancasila still have actual relevance in the life of the nation and become an antidote in the face of various crimes and various forms of threat that destroy the order of life of the nation.

The many behaviors of the nation that are far from the values of Pancasila, as if show that the Pancasila increasingly lost its authority. The values of Pancasila are defeated by the political pragmatism of power that blinds the hearts of politicians.

Concerning the pragmatic political attitude that tarnished the noble life of this nation, it has been already long ago dubbed by Bung (Brother) Hatta before his death in 1980 about the absence of political responsibility to the interests of life of the nation.

Muhammad Hatta said, "The role of political parties is very important and fundamental in democratic society. However, the parties in Indonesia have not shown a great sense of responsibility. They first put their own interests or party, so the fate of the people they do not defend."

It has been 37 years of Hatta's death the behavior of our politicians has not changed much. Personal interests and selfishness are so prevalent among our politicians. What our politicians seek and pursue is power and power. It seems they no longer care about the fate of the people whose level of welfare is not improving.

Implementation of Pancasila

So what to say? The answer is a new way to implement Pancasila in daily life. It is just the implementation of Pancasila implementation is not necessarily done as in the New Order era with the approach of Guidance of Implementation of Pancasila, known as P4.

The implementation of Pancasila is more on the planting of moral and religious values in the life of nation and state. That is, what is needed is to prevent the absence of collective moral anchor which opens the opportunities for personal sentiment to the differences in the diversity of the nation.

With the thickness of moral and religious values which are also the values of Pancasila in the life of the nation, the human side in the personality of the citizen will not be easily injured and will tend to be nurtured.

This actually has been taught by KH Abdurrahman Wahid about how to live rightly by way of actualizing public morals by respecting the diversity of Indonesia and respect for the aspirations of the marginalized.

The essence of this paper is Pancasila is very important for the nation of Indonesia. And it becomes very beautiful if Pancasila is embedded in the hearts of all the children of this nation, so that all are aware of implementing the values of Pancasila in everyday life.

However, all that is not less important with the attachment of Pancasila in our Red and White flag. In a sense, the Garuda Bird should be placed in the Red and White Flag, and there the Pancasila has also been planted.