Thursday, 24 January 2019 | 17:20 WIB

The Four Bad Habits of Wives That Can Affect Intimacy in Bed

The Four Bad Habits of Wives That Can Affect Intimacy in Bed (thisweek)

JAKARTA, NNC - Women generally have less sexual knowledge than men. Therefore, there are some bad habits made by wives in lovemaking that can reduce the harmony with your partner on bed.

According to psychologist Tika Bisono, communications on intimate sex between a couple often gets into a stalemate. Although marriage is an institution that binds couples, it does not necessarily make couples become independent.

As a result, when one of the couple feels he or her partner is doing bad habits that can trigger a decrease in passion during lovemaking, then both are reluctant to communicate about the problem to the couple’s partner.

The lack of independence of these couples makes them prefer to communicate with family, or friends. Here, the wife or husband who should be able to solve their problems instead turned to make his partner as an enemy.

Although not so obvious, but the bad habits that are often done by the wife when making love with their husbands can actually be seen since the courtship.

According to Tika, these bad habits do not merely lead directly to intimate relationships. But a habit such as a woman's reaction when kissed by her partner can be an indication.

For example, the woman feels very disgusted when French kissed by her. If it happens, men or women should communicate about the problem so that the problem does not drag on until entering the marriage level.

It is feared if the problem is not resolved, the problems will continue to occur in marriage. However, the bad habits that are often practiced by the wives when making love to their partner is not always seen during the courtship. Like the four bad habits that are often practiced by wives:

1. Too Shy

Women easily feel embarrassed. Keeping good manners is good, but when in the bedroom, women should remove the feelings of embarrassment or discomfort to your husband. Why be embarrassed in front of your own husband. If you are too shy, you will not be able to enjoy sex sessions. Especially in bed, the husband prefers a slightly wild and brave wife on the bed.

2. Refusing a New Position

The missionary position of the man above and the woman below is the position most often practiced and liked by women. But if only this position is done, over time will arise boredom. There are many other sex positions that you can explore and try with your husband. For wives should not reject the new position, because it will give a different sensation and experience.

3. Making Love in the Dark

This is a bit strange but done by many wives in this world. Based on research done it happens because the weather has sometimes shame higher than the husband. And you do not need to be ashamed because there is nothing wrong with making love in the lights. Because you can see how the expression of his face while making love, and vice versa. When looking at each other and feel the body without clothes, the sensation is different. All the sensations will be in vain with the conditions of the lights are extinguished.

4. Always Let Husbands Initiate

Influenced by matrilineal culture, wives in Indonesia are more likely to resign without initiative to invite their husbands. In fact, you do not need to be embarrassed to invite her husband first. Would be more exciting if you and your husband have a special code if you want to invite couples make love.