Wednesday, 20 June 2018 | 04:55 WIB

Researchers Reveal Body Weight Associated with Depression Factor

Body weight closely related to depression. (Illustration:dietketat)

SEOUL, NNC – A study reveals that thin people are associated with depression. In addition, lean men and women are more likely to be affected by mental health disorders.

It is not clear whether underweight is a direct cause of depression or if the sufferer has a reduced appetite and is therefore more susceptible to weight loss. The study also found a link between obesity and depression, but only in women.

Researchers from Seoul National University analyzed data from 183 studies. Their findings suggested that obesity proportionately increases risk of depression, the fatter you are, the more likely you are to suffer from depression.

Researchers said that both lean and obese can increase the risk of depression and in clinical practice, healthcare providers should pay attention to the mental health of thin people.

"Likewise, women who have overweight and obese populations should also be monitored for possible depression," the researchers said, as quoted by Daily Mail.

Previous research has revealed that men are more likely to be obese than women. Dr Agnes Ayton, vice-chairman of the eating disorders faculty, the Royal College of Psychiatrists said, research confirms that optimal nutrition is essentially important for physical and mental health. Because both underweight and obese are associated with an increased risk of depression.

"This is an important finding, because people with eating disorders often assume that losing weight will increase their happiness. This study shows that the opposite is true and malnutrition has an adverse effect on people's moods. So maintaining a healthy weight is very important for good mental health," she said. (*)