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Some Tips on Car Modification at the Indonesia Modification Expo 2018

Some Tips on Car Modification at the Indonesia Modification Expo 2018 (nnc)

JAKARTA, NNC - The world of modification in Indonesia is developing, and one of the sectors that are in demand is car modification.

This type of modification is a trend that is in demand to beautify and make the car look different from the others.

There are a few tips for those of you who want to start car modification. This needs to be noted so that the modifications are in accordance with the wishes.

"Modification of the car depends on the taste and concept that you want to use. At least you have to know where the concept is going," said Deje from the Autodisro workshop at the modification exhibition of Indonesia Modification Expo 2018 in Jakarta on Saturday (11/17).

"There are people who want to modify their car's audio, there are those who want modif display only, and there are those who only want to modify their car engines," Deje added.

Furthermore, according to Deje, after knowing the concept of the desired modification, the next step is the need for vehicle modification itself.

"For daily use, we must start from the engine and how we want to modify it. The next modification is usually traction, particularly after the engine is modified to generate more power. After that, modifications can be done on brakes, wheels, tires, or suspension," Deje said, as quoted from Antara.

Then you can switch to other modification ornaments, such as the interior. Adjust the interior of the vehicle with the needs of the modifications that you make.

"If you talk about comfort, you might need leather seats or if you need more entertainment, you can upgrade it in car entertainment. So it's an important step in the three sectors first," he concluded.