Friday, 19 April 2019 | 10:02 WIB

Khole Launches ’2 AM’ Single


JAKARTA, NNC - With her music, Khole wants to share the love to the world, telling the world that nobody should give up on love for any reason. 2AM is about loving someone very much, and got broken hearted. People who knows that person thoughts that he is a perfect figure and like an angel. On the other hand, this man keeps on lying to her and only looks for her when he is feeling lonely. She is trying to convey a message that it is not easy to let go someone who has broken our heart and will always be reminded by him/her.

However, it’s better to leave and let go that kind of person alone, no wonder how you much you remember about him/her.

Her debut single, “2AM Thoughts” is a perfect example of how Khole shares her experience to the world. She puts one of many love stories she ever experienced in this song with a unique yet cute way.

The sound of the song blinks an eye to the modern pop revival, echoing the work of charismatic artist such Halsey or Billie Eilish, just to mention but a few. Together with the producer, Ivan Gojaya, who

has worked with many other uprising artist such Rich Brian and Niki, they managed to create stunning vibes which complement the sound blissfully.

For Khole, music is not only a regular thing to listen to; it is a full experience of life that involves feeling and emotion. She does believe music is something worth sharing for that can drive people

to keep on believing for what they believe.

Her music has a very powerful yet simple lyrics, which allows listeners to feel her emotion in an easy and a very personal way.

Surrounded by some amazing folks from music industry who taught and helped her many things about music, she finally can spread her story to the world through this song. Khole is sure she is not the only one on planet earth who have been through this kind of experience.