Tuesday, 23 April 2019 | 08:54 WIB

United States is the Cheapest Place to Purchase iPhones


JAKARTA, NNC - Three new iPhones officially have been released, including the most expensive iPhone series to be ever released by Apple.

How expensive is the latest iPhone in the world? According to the Phone Arena on Friday, Sept 14, the United States has the best iPhone prices in the whole world.

People in Europe must pay the equivalent of nearly $1,000 for the basic model of the iPhone XR, which costs $750 in the US.

But why do Europeans have to pay more for iPhones, while people in the US gets a better deal? The reason is tax. Value Added Tax (VAT) varies from 18 percent in Malta, 19 percent in Germany and up to 25 percent in Nordic countries.

In Germany, this means that customers must pay around 690 euros ($807) for the basic iPhone XR model, 160 euros ($187) for VAT, so that eventually European customers have to pay more than iPhones in the US.

Also keep in mind that prices in Europe are subject to a VAT charge, while in the US, beyond the set price, they must pay state taxes, except for those who live in tax-free states like Delaware.