Sunday, 24 March 2019 | 19:50 WIB

Senior Comedian Gogon Dies

Senior Comedian Gogon Dies

JAKARTA, NNC - Indonesia’s senior comedian Gogon dies at Lampung Kotabumi Hospital, Tuesday (5/15) at 05.00 am. News of his death was delivered by fellow comedian, Kadir. Gogon’s remains were directly flown to Solo by his friends.

According Polo, a fellow comedian, Gogon was the type of person who refuse to see doctors when ill.

"He had been ill for a long time. During our last meetings he was breathless after just a few steps. But he’s stubbon and did not want to see a doctor. He just said it was his heart," Polo said.

Polo said Gogon was in Lampung for a campaign event with other comedians, such as Kadir and Didi Kempot.

Gogon was borned Margono in Surakarta, December 31, 1959. Gogon, as he was later called, debuted in the entertainment world in 1980, alongside comedians Kadir, Cs.

Gogon was widely known to the public through the comic group Srimulat and his distinctive hairstyle.

Gogon was once arrested by police in 2007 on charges of drug use. He was charged under Law No. 5 of 1997 Article 62 concerning the use of psychotropic substances with the threat of a five-year sentence and a fine of IDR100 million.

In his personal life, Gogon was married to Mustika in 1979 and later divorced. From his marriage to Mustika, the couple have a son named Ari.