Saturday, 21 July 2018 | 01:33 WIB

Anggun‘s Hit Song Perches 15 Weeks in a Row at Billboard Charts

Indonesian-born singer and songwriter Anggun (anggun)

JAKARTA, NNC - Indonesian-born singer-songwriter Anggun has listed herself as the first successful Indonesian singer, as her song has perched on the Billboard charts for more than 15 weeks in a row.

In fact, the song What We Remember remained on the Top 10 Billboard for three weeks in a row.

In addition, a special US remix version of the song is widely reported to have been played on dance clubs and dance radios throughout the United States.

"I am very happy to see the single What We Remember become a hit for dance songs in the United States," said Anggun in a written statement received in Jakarta on Saturday (04/14)).

Anggun said she was honored because "in the 20 years since i first entered the music charts in America with the song Snow in the Sahara, my music is still being played by many."

However, tight schedule has forced Anggun to not be able to greet her fans outside of Europe.

Anggun continued that in the next few weeks and months, she has a schedule of no less than two TV shows in France, an Italian concert, a front cover photo session at a famous French magazine, and much more to do.

"I'm going to fly to Los Angeles soon. I have been appointed as a guest jury of Sony Pictures for a film festival along with actress Megan Boone from the TV series Blacklist, and I'm going to fly to Los Angeles this summer," she added.

Upon this, Anggun apologizes to the fans in Indonesia.

"I apologize for not being able to spend as much free time as I can for my fans outside Europe," she said.

Nevertheless, Anggun said she has prepared a new single for fans in Indonesia.

"For my beloved fans in Indonesia and Malaysia, I will be releasing a new single, The Good is Back, on April 20th, taken from the newest album, 8, with two different talents," said Anggun.

"This will be my gift for Indonesian and Malaysian fans there who have been most supportive and loving to me over the past few years," she added, as reported by Antara.