Tuesday, 23 October 2018 | 18:16 WIB

Going for Umrah with Dipo Latief, Nikita Mirzani: God Willing, Next Month

Nikita Mirzani

JAKARTA, NNC - Despite being known as a sensational controversial artist in the entertainment arena of the country, the intention of Nikita Mirzani to perform umrah together with her lover, Dipo Latief, is commandable. 

The intention to go together was revealed to media crew some time ago.

"God Willing, next month, if there is no obstacle, for ten days," said Nikita Mirzani to media crew who asked about the plan, Monday (3/12/2018).

Furthermore, Nikita Mirzani revealed that one of her dreams is to invite her lover to perform umrah together because she wants to be with her lover to pray and be sure of their hearts.

"Niki always dream of when meeting my best partner, Niki wants to perform umrah together, so we both pray that we are each other’s right choice," said Sajad Ukra's widow.