Friday, 22 June 2018 | 02:40 WIB

Caught on Tape Kissing Dipo Latief, Nikita Mirzani: Don’t Watch It

Nikita Mirzani

JAKARTA, NNC - Nikita Mirzani seems to be open about her relationship with Dipo Latief. She even began to display her affection publically.

Recently she was caught on camera on an Insta Story locking lips with Dipo Latief in a nightclub and the video went viral.

When asked about the subject, Nikita Mirzani responded casually. Nikita Mirzani does not see anything wrong with kissing her boyfriend.

"It’s normal, we're both grown ups," said Nikita Mirzani, Monday (3/12/2018).

Nikita Mirzani confirmed, if people think the video is not good, then don’t watch it. "If it is deemed negative the don’t do it," added Nikita Mirzani.