Wednesday, 24 October 2018 | 05:13 WIB

Kiwil Talks About Malih Tong Tong Marriage


JAKARTA, NNC - When asked about the marriage of Malih Tong Tong, comedian Kiwil revealed that he already knew about it. Unfortunately, Kiwil claimed he was not invited to attend the wedding.

"I was told about it, but not invited," Kiwil said to media crew, in Mampang area, Jakarta, Monday (2/12/2018).

Although not invited Kiwil appreciated the decision of his fellow comedian. According to him, marriage is better than later falling into allegations of slander.

"Actually that kind of thing (married) is good, so it does not take long, if it takes too long it would lead to slander," said Kiwil.

As reported earlier, not long after becoming single again, comedian Malih Tong Tong was rumored to have married again. His wedding photos have been circulating in various Instagram gossip accounts. The news of the marraige was then confirmed by the Office of Religious Affairs (KUA) Ciracas, East Jakarta.